02 January 2013

20 December 2009

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

Happy holidays and best wishes for 2010!

09 August 2009

Magic in the forest!

Attention! Keanai is about to show his coolest trick!

26 October 2008

Rough Animation Test of Keanai

A while ago I did a very rough animation test of Keanai. It's still work in progress but I already like to share it with you ;-) I hope you like it! Have fun!

05 August 2008

Play hide and seek!

Here a quick rough sketch I did during a telephone call of Ilayla and Keanai playing hide and seek. Have fun!

01 August 2008

On the swing!

Here an older concept drawing of Ilayla on the swing. I still was looking for the right style. Please click to enlarge.

14 July 2008

Walk in the forest

Ilayla and Dinky walking over the edge of a small bridge in the forest.
(Please click to enlarge)

13 March 2008

... cherry blossom ...

It's almost blossom time...

please click to enlarge

19 December 2007

Merry Christmas!

Hello world!
Merry Christmas and a happy new year to all of you!

04 October 2007

Ilayla and Keanai in motion soon!

I'm currently working on an animation test of Ilayla and Keanai. This will be the setting. It's hard to see due to it's size now. Please click to enlarge.

29 September 2007

Keanai and his fish Mr. Blinky

This is my fish Mr. Blinky! He's really funny and very brave!

Here some models of Mr. Blinky! Please click to enlarge.

28 September 2007

Hi! I'm Keanai!

Hi! I'm Keanai. I'm best friends with Ilayla! We share everything together. Will you come out and play with us?!

31 August 2007


As a child we sometimes think about how it would be to be older. But when we are old we often look back how it was to be a child. I wish to stay a child and grow old at the same time.

06 August 2007


Ilayla grabbed some water ... freedom!!!

She danced, laughed and hopped through the water while the water drops turned into colorful butterflies!

... sleep well little princess ...

... gathering energy ...

04 August 2007

Colors in the fields...

today I took some time to draw outside

01 August 2007

Mister Dinky

I love the charisma of cats and the way they move. It's very delicate, with a touch of magic.

Ilayla the little princess of light...

hi, i'm Ilayla the little princess of light.

... please dance with me, if the wind turns, we may play again ...