26 October 2008

Rough Animation Test of Keanai

A while ago I did a very rough animation test of Keanai. It's still work in progress but I already like to share it with you ;-) I hope you like it! Have fun!

05 August 2008

Play hide and seek!

Here a quick rough sketch I did during a telephone call of Ilayla and Keanai playing hide and seek. Have fun!

01 August 2008

On the swing!

Here an older concept drawing of Ilayla on the swing. I still was looking for the right style. Please click to enlarge.

14 July 2008

Walk in the forest

Ilayla and Dinky walking over the edge of a small bridge in the forest.
(Please click to enlarge)

13 March 2008

... cherry blossom ...

It's almost blossom time...

please click to enlarge